Sometimes, our four legged friends like to make capturing them on paper difficult. Their limbs move quite differently if they walk, trot, canter or gallop.   Also, when observing them in a field or on the racecourse they are never still for long.  Here I'm sharing some equine studies from my sketchbook. These are working drawings exploring movement using some reference photographs I took of Welsh Cobs. I've used graphite and charcoal pencils.

I enjoy sketching from life, but as the horses are usually moving I draw very quickly, not always finishing the pose. The information can be put together in the final piece but it also it helps to commit to memory what you saw and experienced on location for when you are back in the studio.

I also use my own reference photographs or video alongside sketches. I like to have seen the  subject to be inspired to paint or draw it and when using still photographs I try to give the animal some life and movement using my memories and first hand experience.

See some finished pieces on my Equestrian and Racing page.