One of the questions we hear most often is, "How much does it cost to frame a picture?" The answer depends on a number of factors including size, medium, mount and glass specification, and frame moulding style. We only use the highest quality materials in our frames to ensure that the finished product not only looks good, but also protects and preserves your artwork. We offer a choice of conservation grade or pure cotton museum grade mountboards, and a choice of three grades of specialist art glass. We have a wide range of frame options, including ready-finished, solid oak, handmade swept frames, and a small range of special frames for something a little different.

Take a look at what we can do with reframing old pictures.

Listed below are examples of a few common framing jobs with a range of possible prices from our least expensive options up to our very finest handmade frames with museum acrylic glazing. For each job we have included a typical price, which from our experience is the price most customers can expect to pay for a mid-range frame.

If you would like any further advice, please contact us, or call into our galleries in Betws-y-coed and Chester.


Example 1 - unmounted photo/print

This will require bevelled mountboard, backing board, glazing, and frame

Image size A5:   £70 to £450; typical £110

Image size A3:   £95 to £850; typical £160

Image size A1:   £180 to £2,300; typical £300


Example 2 - mounted photo/print

This will require glazing and frame

Mount size A5:   £45 to £250; typical £65

Mount size A3:   £65 to £450; typical £100

Mount size A1:   £120 to £1,600; typical £190


Example 3 - stretched canvas

This will require backing board and frame

Canvas size A5:   £45 to £250; typical £60

Canvas size A3:   £55 to £350; typical £90

Canvas size A1:   £85 to £1,200; typical £155


Example 4 - reglazing

This will require disassembly, disposal of old glass, fitting of new glass, cleaning and reassembly. There is more information about the glasses we offer on our Specialist Art Glass page.

Glass size A5:   UltraVue £25; Museum £35; Optium Museum Acrylic £50

Glass size A3:   UltraVue £35; Museum £65; Optium Museum Acrylic £125

Glass size A1:   UltraVue £65; Museum £190; Optium Museum Acrylic £440