Whatever the occasion – a wedding, civil partnership, retirement, birthday, anniversary, engagement, christening, or any other event – if you would like to receive Alison Bradley artwork from your friends and family, we are pleased to offer our gift service.

Choose the piece(s) you would like to receive, and then invite your friends and family to pay a contribution towards the cost directly to us. When we have collected all the contributions, we will present a list of all those who contributed along with the total collected, then you pay any balance owing.

We can provide you with your own webpage with an online payment facility and a pdf file that can be printed or e-mailed giving details of the piece(s) chosen and how to pay, which you can distribute as desired. If required, we can liaise with your event organiser to have the piece on display at the venue for your special day.

Terms and conditions apply.



Gift Service Terms and Conditions

(1) The Gift Service is only available for Alison Bradley originals, commissioned work,

and digital reproduction prints; work by guest artists does not qualify;

(2) Minimum total spend of £500 applies;

(3) Work will not be released – including for display at your venue – until payment is

received in full, please allow ten working days for cheques to fully clear;

(4) Delivery of work to the venue may incur an extra charge, please ask for details;

(5) In the event that contributions exceed the price of the selected piece, the excess will be given in the form of a gift voucher;

(6) Unless agreed otherwise in writing, if any balance owing is not paid by six months

after the event date we reserve the right to put the piece back on general sale. Any

contributions made will not be refunded, but may be put towards another piece;

(7) Gift Service customers must be 18 years of age or over.



Please contact us if you have any questions.