At Alison Bradley gallery we only use the best mountboards so we can offer the maximum protection for your artwork. For bespoke framing we offer either Conservation Select 17 by Crescent, which meets or exceeds Conservation standards, or the superior pure cotton Rag Mat by Crescent, which meets or exceeds the more stringent Museum standards. For Alison’s work we only use the pure cotton Rag Mat by Crescent.


Conservation Select 17 by Crescent

Alpha-cellulose fibre, lignin removed;

Soft white core;

High bleed and fade resistance.


Pure Cotton Rag Mat by Crescent

100% cotton buffered board, naturally lignin free;

Offers maximum protection - guaranteed to never damage the artwork;

Good range of natural colours, solid colour throughout, double-thick and jumbo available;

Eco-friendly - made from waste cotton using less chemicals than wood pulp boards;

Solid colour means we can join up to three boards together for extra deep bevels.


Mountboard Options for Alison’s Prints

All of Alison’s signed prints are double mounted in pure cotton Rag Mat by Crescent.

On the print pages you will see two price options:

Mounted:   both boards single thickness; 55mm width and

Deep Mounted:   inner double thickness, main mount single thickness; 80mm width

We can also supply extra deep mounted and bespoke by special order, contact us for details:

Extra Deep Mounted:   inner triple thickness, main mount double thickness; 80mm width

For mini-prints, specifications are slightly different:

Mounted mini-print:   single board, single thickness; 40mm width and

Deep Mounted mini-print:   single board, double thickness; 65mm width


The photograph below illustrates standard and deep mounts on the same picture, a small print of “Home Time, Winter Evening”. Note how the double thick inner mount conveys a sense of extra depth on the deep-mounted picture.