Here at Alison Bradley Gallery we like to offer something a bit different, something that you won't find in many galleries on the high street. In addition to handmade swept frames and our own exclusive solid oak frames we also offer these more unusual frames.

Real Slate Frame - Grey Slate

Real Slate Frames

Perfect for some of Alison's Welsh landscapes, our real slate frames are available in Red Slate and Grey Slate.

These frames are not solid slate - that would be too heavy to hang. They are made by cutting a very thin slice of slate which is then applied to a cloth base and wrapped around a wooden moulding, like a veneer.

Note - now discontinued but we have one example left, please contact us for details.

Aged Iron Frame

Aged Iron Frames

Particularly useful for pictures with an industrial theme, these unusual frames also work well with landscapes.

Even close up, these frames look exactly like rusty iron, but the finish is actually achieved by applying layers of paint over a wooden base.