Most framed artwork is glazed, and we have been so impressed with Tru Vue’s range of specialist artglass that we now fit it as standard. We offer three grades - all of them crystal clear with minimal reflection. The photo above has not been altered at all - there really is glass in that frame.

UltraVue® is now our entry level glass, included in our “framed from” print prices. The base glass has had impurities removed, making it extra clear without the blue-green tint of cheap picture glass. A special coating reduces reflectance from 8% to less than 1%, so in most instances it appears there is no glass in the frame at all.

Museum Glass® is the next step up, offering an additional optical clarity layer and protection against 99% of UV light. This is ideal if you are hanging a picture in a conservatory.

Finally, we also offer the ultimate in picture glazing - Optium Museum Acrylic®. Optium is shatter and scratch resistant, anti-static, and offers all the features of Museum glass plus a more thermally stable environment for your artwork. It is specified by several major international galleries including the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, and in the video below they explain why they chose it to protect their valuable pieces...