If Chester’s walls could talk, what stories would they tell? Which historic events have they witnessed? What secrets can they reveal? We are pleased to announce that our Chester wall has started…talking! To hear the story, customers simply swipe their phone on the plaque in the gallery and…hey presto; they get a call from the wall! Using history, mobile technology and off the wall humour, Talking Walls offers a new way to experience Chester.


The Talking Wall at Alison Bradley Gallery is part of Talking Walls Chester, a citywide arts installation which gives voice to 26 walls across the city. From the walls of Chester’s historic rows to the medieval city walls, each has a story to tell. Together they tell Chester’s story.


Chester’s talking walls have been narrated by the good folk of Chester - shopkeeper to zookeeper, bartender to town crier. In addition celebrities Lucy Meacock, Louise Minchin, and Gyles Brandreth have also lent their voices.  


Visit our page on the Talking Walls website

Download your map of all the Talking Walls in Chester


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